June, 1 2011WWE '12 - Coming November 22, 2011
Posted by: chefmcduck

UPDATE: New Gameplay video added at end of post!

This November. Get ready.

Get ready because THQ and Yukes are delivering WWE '12. The next line in WWE games will arrive.
I'm entirely skeptical though because Smackdown vs RAW hasn't changed in years. In the IGN preview they are claiming that THQ have said they ripped the game apart and put it back together. Along the way fixing "everything" we hated.

Sure the pictures look nice, the graphics seem toned down... not as shiny.

But none of that matters. With WWE All Stars I was caught completely off guard because every year I'm disappointed with Smackdown vs RAW. Nothing ever changes. Every year, they fix up one broken game mode and send it back to the shelves claiming how wonderful it is.

Prove it.

A name change, and a cool graphic of Randy Orton looking like Kratos isn't enough. You've got my sale already. You know that, but do it right. For once. 

For the love of God and everything holy. Do it right for once

- IGN WWE '12 Preview
- IGN WWE '12 Box Art

WWE '12 Teaser (No real gameplay, just Orton talking 'bout stuff)