January, 17 2012RAW Talk - January 17th
Posted by: chefmcduck

With only 2 weeks until one of the most wonderful times of the year - the Royal Rumble, the RAW SuperShow is making some bounds to make the start of the Road to WrestleMania very interesting. This week's episode of RAW saw a lot of developments and the return of a familiar face. So, without further delay...






Let's talk RAW.

RAW opened this week with the ... uh, ... return? Re-return? Whatever we want to call it, Mic Foley came out to everyone's surprise and said he wanted to throw his chapeau into the Royal Rumble match. Out comes Ziggler and Vickie to laugh at him and tell him that he shouldn't waste his time trying. Foley said he isn't in to try, he is in to win. The promo was good stuff, as are most promos that Foley is involved in. Eventually, Punk comes out and continues his feud with Ziggler. Foley is denied his Rumble spot but something makes me think he just may get it. We'll have to see.

The NEW Tag Champions Primo and Epico defeat Air Boom
For some reason, Air Boom lost their tag championships on a house show over the weekend. Whether it be just a surprise WWE wanted to pull off or some kind of punishment to Bourne/Kofi. On RAW, Epico/Primo successfully defeat Air Boom again and retain their newly won titles. I'm not against this whole thing. I think WWE could be building (SLOWLY AS HELL) to a decent tag division but again, ... ahem... SLOWLY AS HELL. Hurry up, add more teams and get some feuds going on here. We've been waiting for this 'new' tag division since September!

Jack Swagger becomes the NEW United States Champion
Zack Ryder was forced to defend his United States Championship against Jack Swagger and of course, because he was injured - he lost. I thought this was a great segment. It really made me hate on Laurinaitis, which is the whole point. Ryder is shown backstage after his defeat and Laurinaitis finally says he read the Doctor's note and Ryder should have had the night off. Ha, awesome. Really good booking for us to get behind Punk someday FINALLY decking this clown.

I think Swagger as US Champion makes sense and I think it's his first singles title since his World Championship reign but the whole reign could be something to get more heat on the RAW GM before he drops it back to Zack Ryder. We'll see...

Divas crap
How do you make us hate a Diva's segment even worse? You add the most annoying Internet blogger to the segment. NO. Not me. Jerks. I meant Perez Hilton. Is he a fan or something? What is the point in this! WHY AM I YELLING!

R Truth defeats Sheamus, The Miz and Wade Barrett in an Over-the-Top Rope challenge.
Cool little segment. I love the Royal Rumble, it's my favourite PPV of the year... well I love WrestleMania but the Rumble almost always delivers where 'Mania sometimes is lacking. Anyways, because of my attraction to dudes throwing each other over the ropes, I've always enjoyed RAW battle royals or over-the-top rope challenges. This was no different and R Truth won, which was actually surprising. I thought The Miz, or Sheamus would take it. Is my Rumble vote still for The Miz? Yes, but I have my doubts that I will successfully call this one! Prove me wrong, Miz.

The John Cena we love beats up Swagger, Kane likes to watch.
This John Cena, the mad one... the one who beats people up without remorse and really hurts them. Yeah, that guy. Well, if you notice - he doesn't really get booed. He gets cheered. People love when Cena explodes and shows another side - his anger. Kane's whole idea was to get John to release his hate and I guess Cena is giving in. Regardless, Swagger gets the hell beat out of him and Kane appears on the tron to encourage Cena. I've said it before, but I'm really loving this Cena/Kane feud. It's awesome and I bet it's going to flow right into the Rock/Cena feud meaning that this Road to WrestleMania is going to be very memorable! Thanks WWE. Let's make out.

The Funkasaurus defeats JTG
Guess what? Brodus Clay is not yet annoying. He's still one of the most entertaining parts of RAW. Brodus reminds me of Akeem and the in ring shout outs are funny as hell. I have no idea what SHEE is, but I'm on board. This guy is awesome. So ... jiggly.

Foley/Punk defeat Otunga/Ziggler
First, it was Daniel Bryan teaming with Chris Jericho and CM Punk to face Mark Henry, David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler. Jericho tags in, starts cheering for himself and walks away from the match without doing anything. Then Bryan and Henry get into it and both leave the match, fighting all the way to the back. Then it was only Punk vs Otunga and Ziggler... and out comes Mama Foley's baby boy to team with Punk. He says that Laurinaitis told him that it was okay for him to team with Punk. He tags in and finishes off Otunga with ole Mr. Socko. Awesome.

Laurinaitis comes out and snaps at Foley and Punk. Punk says a bunch of mean stuff and leaves. Ole Johnny can't take it anymore and after Foley provokes him, he says he WILL screw Punk at Rumble and smashes Foley in the noggin with the microphone. A nice twist. I like heel Laurinaitis, it really works... and the fans love to boo this guy. So, I'm assuming he is now fully heel whereas before he seemed to be pleasing or trying to please both the heels and faces while leaning towards the dark side. Royal Rumble is going to be interesting to see how Punk gets out with his title and I'm highly interested to see where Punk/Laurinaitis heads after the Rumble going into WrestleMania. Rumours have Punk facing Jericho at WrestleMania (yes!) and Jericho is clearly a heel in disguise, so it could happen but I'm unsure how Laurinaitis will play into that. Any ideas?

Overall, RAW was pretty good. Personally, I'm already sold on the Rumble... but if I wasn't I'd be more interested in purchasing it now considering the new developments. What did you think? Drop me a line below.